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Help Save Samantha!

And now a word from your sister community samanthawho:

ABC's comedy starring Christina Applegate has recently been canceled. Christina herself has joined the fight to save Samantha Who? by endorsing the online petition to bring it back. We have just hit our first goal of 10,000 signatures, but are only getting started. Please take a moment to sign and show your support/love of the show.


If interested in more info, Christina has spoken SEVERAL times on her Twitter page about this petition:

If you are on Twitter you could help by (re)tweeting this and/or tagging your entries with #savesamantha: Please RT: Follow @1capplegate & sign petition 4 ABC 2 bring back Samantha Who! http://bit.ly/C4TR7 #savesamantha

Also, we have a SAVE SAMANTHA resource post with a list of some celebs/news outlets you can 'tweet' to as well as e-mail if you are not on Twitter.

Also a link message to ABC directly, if you are so inclined: HERE

Any help is very much appreciated!

BIG thanks to mod candynsweets for allowing us to pimp this out!


How shocking! i never imagined it would've been cancelled. it seems highly popular. Im sorry to hear that.