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Anne of GG: Anne & Gil

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Scoop on Eddie's new role & what happened with his marriage

I am trying to get my hands on some scoops for next season of CSI: Miami. —  Jennifer

 How about some insight into new series regular Eddie Cibrian's arrival?
We haven't heard 
much about him lately... 

["Eddie Cibiran's wife, Brandi Glanville, has left the actor because he cheated on her, according to Us."].

Cibrian's Jesse Cardoza, a transfer from Los Angeles, gets taken hostage on his very first day. During the crisis, he performs a heroic deed that requires him to take off his shirt, as heroic deeds often do. We soon learn that Jesse has some history with Horatio (whose top stays on throughout Cibrian's debut episode).

SOURCE: TvGuide.com


that requires him to take off his shirt

already sounds quite promising *g*
Haha. Yes.